Sunday, April 30, 2017

Moving Home

Dear Family,

Lots of change went down this week. I will run through some of the more major events and let the rest surprise you.  Also, I would like to apologize for not writing last week.  I will repent and do better.

Moving Home:

The move home went surprisingly well. Morgan and I got the car loaded and cleaned out our apartment and then moved home Monday evening.  It was probably the smoothest move that I have participated in thus far in college.  I have once again decided that I have to much stuff, so I will be cutting down.  But I suppose that is a personal issue.

The Hair:

I have let my hair grow out quite a bit as of late so I thought I would have some fun with it before I cut it off.  I decided that I would get it permed, which has proved to be quite the experience.  I will give you a break down of what it takes to get a perm.  First, you have to get your hair rolled up in these tiny rollers.  Second, they pour some crazy acid on your head and you leave it there for a couple minutes.  Then the wash your head with the curler's still in it, then they take the curlers out, pour some base on your head and wash you head again.  All in all, my hair got washed three times for approximately 20 minutes total.  I love getting my hair washed as much as the next person, but this was a little gratuitous.  The entire event took just under five hours.  I think it is fair to say that I have had my fun, but it is unlikely that I will get my hair permed again.   I will include pictures.

The Cave:

Cave might be a little strong for this one. I found online that there is an open cave in Farmington that you can hike to.  I thought this was intriguing so I did some research and then went there with Morgan.  The hike to the cave wasn't so bad, but we didn't know where the trail was so we took some deer path that was very steep.  The actual trail, which we found later, is fairly gradual and is comprable to any other trail in Davis county.  

The cave was really a mine made by some man named Patsy (surname) around the turn of the 19th century.  Patsy mined unitl he decided that he wans't finding enough and then up and left his mine.  The should be more aplty named cave because it is not particulary large.  It is one tunnel that goes back probalby 100 feet and ends.  The entire thing is flat and fairly well cleared.  It took Morgan and I 5 minutes to explore the entire cave.  It is a fun little hike that I think children would enjoy.  I enjoyed it as well.

That is about all the exciting things that happened this week.  I hope that everyone has a wonderful time and enjoys the last few weeks of school before summer really rolls around.

Beauty Hurts
I jokingly commented that I would be "forgoing my final three years of college in favor of entering the NFL Draft".  This proved to be a rash decision because I was not selected.  Better luck next time I suppose.

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Almost Done WIth Just The Hard Parts Left

Dear family,

The semester is zipping rigt along to a close. This is good because I am somewhat tired and a short resting period sounds really good.  This is not good because it means that must now square my shoulders and face the imminent foe, finals. With this dark cloud looming int he future, I will take step back and fill you in about my week.

The Sloan Showcase:

For my public speaking class I was required to go to a small speech showcase, named for Mr. Sloan.  Most of the speeches were pretty good, but some made me want to cut my fingernails with a pair of hedge clippers.  The participant from my class did a great job and we gave him a standing ovation.  THis was fun, but probably not advised, as no one else had stood up at any point during the presentation. Good times, good times.  I am also happy to report that I only slept through 20 minutes of the show.

Hawaiian Skating Night:

There was some event put on by the school that allowed you to go skating at the skating rink for a dollar.  It was Hawaiian themed, so I thought, why not?  This was the second time that I have been roller skating since coming home from the mission and I think that I have substantially improved since my first time.  I can now stop and turn, which is a lot better than just drifting and hoping not to fall.  The highlight of the evening was listening to rad 70's music and eating their complementary lemon cookies. 

The "Tall Wall":

In the basement of the Wilkinson Center they have  a little restaurant.  The restaurant, called "The Wall" has an eating challenge called the Tall Wall, which consists of eating a massive hamburger.  By massive I mean something like 6 patties, salami, turkey, avocado and assorted vegetables.  If you eat it all in 10 minutes, you forgo the 18 price tag that comes attached.  I tried it with my friend Ian, but both of us were unsuccessful. I ate it all in 12 minutes, but 10 was to fast.  The amount of food was large, but I think chewing was the limiting factor in my success. I will probably try again next time my pay check rolls in. 

Mission Reunion:

I went to my mission reunion this week which was fun.  I ran into some of my good friends and had some choice enchiladas to boot.  Following the reunion I watched the Jazz barely pull out the game against the clippers. It was  fun night, made more enjoyable by the victory.  This week also marked my last week working in the Provo City Center Temple, so if you missed me, I mgiht work in the Temple again next school year. 

I hope that everyone has a lovely week.


Sunday, April 9, 2017

A Busy Week

Dear Family,

This was a busy week.  To put it into perspective how busy I was, I probably slept less this week than I did last week.  Sleep is a valuable commodity in my life.  Oh, today is also palm Sunday, so that is cool!  I am really pumped for Easter next week!

The Startup:

My sister Christina stared working at a software startup in Salt Lake.  They brought me on as a temp so I could help them cold call for appointments before a big conference next week in Scottsdale.  It was fun!  I haven't cold called since the mission, so it was fun to get out there and feel uncomfortable again.  Christina will attest that I got significantly better as the day went on.  Hopefully I was able to help out.  If nothing else, I had a really fun time getting to know the cool guys that run the start up down town.


Megan and her kids had spring break this week, so they came up and went lunch with us. We went to Rancherito's which is like Beto's but with a different name. It was really fun and Calvin only tried to run away once.  I ate a whole bunch of french fries and then tried to write an English paper.  I was about two minutes from falling asleep, but by a stroke of luck, I got an email and was able to stave off the furious onslaught of slumber. 

The rest of the week was really fun as well. I went up to bountiful late Friday night and spent Saturday morning talking to David about business ideas.   Sunday was the big day however as we got to bless Christine and Naomi in church.  Following to very well done sacrament meetings we gathered at Josephs house and ate good food with better company.

I hope that everyone has a lovely week.  I also hope that it doesn't snow anymore in April.


PS: This is a photograph of my Siblings being funny.

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Festival of Color

Dear Family,

Spring is in the air!  This has easily been one of the most color weeks of my life.  You will see why as you continue through.

The Variety Show:

My friend's ward put on a variety show this week, so we decided to make an appearance.  My friend Ian and I formed a music group in high school that we dubbed "Power Struggle".  This was Power Struggle's first performance so we wanted to make an impact.  With the help the of Ian's roommate John we prepared a stirring rendition of "Old Man River" from the acclaimed musical 'Showboat'.   This was done at my request.  I am thankful for nice friends that will sing old songs with me for variety shows. 

Christina and Morgan came.  Christina filmed the production, so if I can I will find a way to make it available to everyone.  I think that you will find it humorous. 

Ghetto Friday:

On Friday Ian and I decided to dress up in our most outrageous fashion.  We did this by wearing T shirts from various musical groups (Taylor Swift and Rihanna) and wearing high top shoes with snap backs.  To make ghetto Friday more ghetto I woke up late and had to forgo a shower, thus making me unbathed and ghetto.  

All things considered, it was a fun experience.  I have been contemplating dressing up on Fridays, and perhaps I will make it a habit if it still fun in the future. 

To conclude ghetto friday we went to Jordan's house and did not ghetto things. We had wonder waffles that were walloped with whipped cream and syrup.  The caramel syrup was my favorite.  We watched the 7 Star Wars movie and I had fun being with family. 

Festival of Colors:

To start off, I want it to be made perfectly clear that I had a Festival of Color experience that was different from any other.  I will defend my statement with three points.  1) I accidentally parked half a mile from the event, which made the getting too and from more difficult.  2) They decided to have an odd mix of Indian dub-step music play for the entire festival.  3) It was raining cats and dogs and I about froze to death.

The rain made for an interesting experience for several reasons. First off, chalk and rain only sort of mix together.  The rain made the chalk lump up and run down your body.  This resulted in many of the more plastered people looking like zombies.  The downside of going to a chalk festival in the rain is that it stains your skin and hair.  My scalp (after four washings)  still has pink and blue stains on it.  My friends that went with blonde hair left now have cotton candy color hair, made in no particular order.  

All things considered, it was still one of the most fun things that i have done in the 2017 calendar year. 

Well, that about does it for me.  I hope that you all have a lovely week and stay warm.


Me enjoying springtime on Campus
The Mullet looks more Mullet when I wear hats.
This is my friends and I at the color festival.  Yes I was the tallest by 5 inches and no, I did not get the worst of the chalk after affects. 

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Sprang Break

Dear Family,

I hope that all of you have had a good week.  This is was the weeks of BYU's Spring Break.  So as any young spring breaker would, I decided to have an adventure.  Well, at least as much of an adventure as you can have when you have  24 hour break.

PI Day:

This week featured Pi day, which was an excuse for the BYU math department to throw a little carnaval of sorts.  These little celebrations add vareity to generally predicable collegiate life, so I try to take time to appreciate them. They had a mini basketball hoop, that if you could score 5 baskets in thirty seconds they would give you a free doughnut.  I scored 6 in 20 seconds and then decided that I didn't want the doughnut afterall, but it is the thrill of the chase that counts.  

Melons at Midnight:

Wednesday night, some friends and I decided that we wanted to eat a watermelon.  We went to the local smith's and discovered that they only had one small watermelon. And by small, I mean like the size of softball.  So we decided to eat cantaloupe.  But of the four of us, one was allergic to cantaloupe and the other two didn't like cantaloupe, so I ate an entire cantaloupe by myself.  

Melons at Midnight will likely return another weekend, so stay tuned. 

St Patrick's Day:

This week was St Patrick's Day, and I celebrated in a non traditional manner.  I sleped in very late and then worked at my job for 7 hours and finished the day by watching Star Wars Epispode 6 at Jordan's house.  Very fun, but not particulary festive. 

Sprang Break:

The use of "sprang" instead of "spring" is an intentional reference to that memorable commercial for the Salena Gomez movie 'Spring Breakers', which I will proably never see, but chose to quote every March when spring break rolls around.

This year we had a wopping 1 day for "Spring Holiday".  I spent that day, St Patrick's Day, in the aforementioned manner.  I have decided that next year I am going to make elaborate plans and then follow through with them and have something more noteworthy to report. 

Well, that about sums up the week.  On Saturday I went to Portia's birthday party with the rest of the family. Portia still can't talk, but she seemed to be having a good time. I went back up to Bountiful following that and spent the day with the family.  In the evening I played basketball with my friends and discovered that I significantly better at shooting the ball indoors than I am outdoors. 

I hope you all have  a wonderful week.


Sunday, March 12, 2017

As the Weeks Go "March"ing By

Dear Family,

This was a very good week. One of the best I would say.  I will do the standard bolded story out line for your reading enjoyment. 


I am reallly bad about watching movies.  They start up and then I get all "I have better things to be doing"  or the whole "why are you watching movies when you could be sleeping or studying", so it takes me while to get through a movie that most would finish in one sitting.  At any rate, last week Morgan and I started watching RoboCop and we finally finished it on Tuesday.  I didn't agree with the ending , but that is a discussion that I will be happy to have in person with homever is interested.  

The Fountain of Youth:

I went on a date this week, which is becoming less out the ordinary, so y'all should be proud of me.  We went to a bakery in Provo and then walked around the park.  The park we went to is the one of highway 89 that has a fun little boardwalk into a wetland area. There was supposed to be ducks, but we mostly just wetlands and an extremely dilapidated shed.  

There is a a little drain pipe that feeds the wetlands, and I was convinced that it must be the fountain of youth from Tuck Everlasting.  I drank some of it just to be sure.  After trying it, I am fairly confident that it was not the fountain of you, but I am confident that the water was luke warm and had little organisms/sticks floating in it. So, if you see me never get older, you will all know why. 

The Visit:

My good friend Mason McMillian drove up to visit me this week and we a grand old time.  We played some pool at the apartment and I lost 2 of the three games we played.  I think that I have about the same ability at pool that I did when I was 14, so if any of you want to boost your self esteem feel free to challenge me.  After pool, we went to Panda Express and had a nice meal of Orange Chicken and Chow Mein.  Mason showed me some of the books that he is reading and then left to drive back to Salt Lake.  Just before he left I attempted to do a front handspring and did not totally mess it up.  Perhaps there is hope for my abilities yet.

The Wedding Reception:

On Friday I drove up to Bountiful after school ended to attend the wedding reception of my friend Dakota.  Dakota and I were friends in high school, we went to homecoming together my senior year.  We lost contact while I was on the mission, but have casually reconnected lately.  She married a man whose last name is Tanner, so I commented that she can't keep away from the name.  The reception was very nice and it was good to catch up with some friends from high school.  It is fun to see how all of our lives are panning out and to see the directions that we are heading.   

After the reception I came home and watched Duke beat North Carolina, which was a wonderful way to conclude the evening.

The Big Clean Up:

Saturday morning I went to David's house to help clean up as he prepares to move.  I worked mostly in the yard, but this was not such a bad gig as there was plenty of sunscreen and a bonfire to keep me entertained.  The most rigourous part of the endeavor was moving boxes full of books which were quite heavy, but other than that things mostly went to plan.

The Dance:

Morgan's and I apartment complex put on a dance this week, which we both attended.  Christina came as well which was good.  With the Muhlestein trio complete, we were ready to take the floor by storm.  The dance was not super well attended, so the three of us agreed to dance enough for everyone.  There were several songs played that should be noted.  1) Juju on that Beat and 2) Total Eclipse of the Heart.  The DJ was throwing shade on us requesting Total Eclipse of the Heart, but I think that I can say with some certainty that those who watched Christina and I dance to the song will never forget the experience. (for better or worse)

Following the dance, my friend Ian and I played board games at his apartment.  I have once again discovered that I am not the best of Banana Grams, but I was certainly the most creative one there, by a long shot.  

I hope that you all have a nice week!


The Reception
Naomi got tired while we were cleaning.
Beauty and the Beast Mode
This photograph was taken by Ian as he furthered his comment that my handwriting looks like Chinese 
Dance Pictures.  I might have little photo book if I keep going to these things
Mason, Morgan and I after Panda Express

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Spring may or may not be coming.

Dear Family,

This was a fun week.  I will run through some of the more major events that happened in my life.  

The Man Hating FHE:
There was a guest speaker (and doughnuts) for Family Home Eveing at my friends ward, so I decided to attend. The speaker is a business professor at BYU whom previously served as a YSA bishop in Provo.  He told us that he was going to talk about dating. This is where I kinda shut down and said "oh dear, we are going to get told that we are doing everything all wrong, and that 70s were the golden age of BYU dating".  Luckily I was wrong to some degree.

The speaker did start by telling us that we were all doing the dating thing wrong, but then he qualified it.  His major point was that going on one date implies zero commitment and that it shouldn't be viewed as anything else than a chance to get to know someone better.  His catchphrase, which I don't think he coined, but he did use well, was "dating is a happy consequence of going on dates and marriage is a happy consequence of dating".  I like the low pressure approach, but I also don't like spending money on girls that aren't interested in me, so clearly I have so way to go.

Oh yes, the doughnuts were great too.

Stanford History Professor:
For the devotional this week, there was a historian from Stanford named Clayborn Carson.  Dr Carson has centered most of his work around the civil rights movement of the 1960s.  He said some cool things about Martin Luther King Jr, but the most impressive thing about his speech is that he spoke off the cuff for 45 minutes without notes.  I'm sure that he has given similar presentations hundreds of times, but I still found it remarkable.  

Harry Potter:
This week it was Christina's roommate Andrea's birthday. Andrea loves Harry Potter, so Christina being the good roommate she is decided that she would do something fun for her birthday.

The plan was for me to walk into her engineering class and in front of the professor and the class run through the dialouge of Hagrid telling Harry "you're a wizard" from Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone.  

It went quite well.  Christina made the letter and a small pink cake.  I got out the boom box and played the Harry Potter theme music.  Christina had previously alerted the professor so he was understanding our situation.  It was fun and Christina says that Andrea appreciates it.  

The Wedding:
Directly following the presentation of the Hogwarts letter I drove up to Bountiful in preparation for my friend Taylor Davis' wedding reception.  I left at like 4, so I got stuck in some traffic, but most of the bad stuff was behind me.  I missed a crash at 90th south by about 15 minutes, which really saved my bacon.

I came home and talked to Mother and played with Elisabeth and Josh's children.  Portia is becoming more expressive. Fay has started to be nice to me and Carter has decided that he no longer needs to cry when I walk in the room.  I call it progress.

The wedding reception was in Salt in one of the old school LDS church buildings.  They had a little meat and cheese bar, which I appreciated.  The relish tray was particulary festive with pickled artichokes and a generous spread of olives.  

I left the reception and drove home and got home suprisingly not that late.  Around 9 pm. 

Roadside Robbery:
This bolded heading should really be "campusside robbery" but that doesn't carry nearly the same ring.  On Friday I was hungry after spending two hours in the math lab, so I decided to celebrate the day by going to food court and buying some chicken wings.

It turns out the only place in the cafeteria that has chicken wings is Papa Johns.  Their deal was this, you get 6 itty bitty wings for 5.50 and then if you ask nice they will put some sauce over the top of it and give it you luke warm and ready for consumption.  I was under impressed and my wallet felt lighter, which not the kind of weight loss that I generally look for.   

In short if you want chicken wings at BYU, you must really go somewhere other than the food court.  

I went to two parties this week. One was large and one was small. Both were fun.

I went to a friends birthday party, which was fun.  When I got to my friends apartment, there was like a 4 to 1 boy to girl ratio, which is the pits.  I jokingly commented (mostly) that we should rename the apartment the "locker room" due to the excess testosterone, but eventually more girls came and it was fun.  I ate cake and danced to a variety of music that I generally don't dance too.  Afterward some of us wanted to go shoot around on the concrete basketball court outside the apartment, but the only ball we could locate was a volleyball.  I played reasonably bad, but I had fun.  I also dunked the volleyball in jeans, which is a big for me because I generally can't dunk wearing anything.

The second party I went to was one that was staged by the university.  It was a 1920's style party with dress code requiring a shirt and tie.  This is fine because I enjoy dressing up.  They had all you can eat cheesecake, which would have been nice to know so I could have planned ahead.  Cheesecake is life.  

The dance was an mash up of 1920's dance music, modern dance music and oddly placed slow dance songs.  To put it into perspective, they started with the Charleston, played Ju Ju on that Beat and then finished with Enrique Iglesias (however you spell that) 'Hero".  I didn't select the music, but I did cut a rug.   I have learned a relatively hip dance for Ju Ju on that Beat, so if any of you would like to see it, feel free to request at some time.  

That is about all of the noteworthy experiences from this week. I hope that all of you have a great week.


Poem of the Week:
Someone quoted this in Sacrament Meeting and I liked it so I looked it up.

Stick to your task ’til it sticks to you;
Beginners are many, but enders are few.
Honor, power, place and praise
Will always come to the one who stays. Stick to your task ’til it sticks to you;
Bend at it, sweat at it, smile at it, too;
For out of the bend and the sweat and the smile
Will come life’s victories after a while.
—Author Unknown