Sunday, July 23, 2017

Idaho for the Weekend


This week was a lot of fun.  I did a few things that are notable. I will cover some.

My good friend Hiwa got married this week, so to kick off his special day we had a one night trip to Lava Hot Springs in Idaho to ride the tubes one last time as single men.  There was a 5 foot waterfall that I went off in the tubes.  The first time it was fine, but the second time we went down the wrong waterfall and we flipped the boat.  It was kind of exhilarating, but in a terrifying way.   We went to the hot springs, which are the equivalent of a swimming pool size hot tub and sat there for a good long time.

The next day we went to the pool with the massive diving platforms and huge water slides.  It was a good time. I jumped off the 10 meter platform, which is very tall.  After that, nothing else seemed so scary, so I did a back flip off the high diving board.  Surprisingly not scary.  

The wedding was on Saturday and was a wonderful affair. Hiwa got married in a lovely service in the Salt Lake Temple. Following the service we had a wedding luncheon and then I went home and played basketball with my friends.  Unfortunately, 6 weeks of not exercising did not do wonders for my jumping ability and I did not dunk the basketball. 

Now church is done, and I'm back to the normal grind of working.


Sunday, June 4, 2017

Memorial Day

Dear Family,

This was a good week.  I will go over some of the fun occurrences and you can decide for yourselves if my description is fitting.

Memorial Day:

This was a memorial to be remembered (pun intended).  This marks the final holiday that the Muhlestein family will be called upon to set up flags for the neighborhood. While I think that setting up flags taught me valuable skills as a youth; such as pounding stakes and rolling up flags, I don't think that I will be the only one who will be glad that this responsibility has finally passed.  

The rest of memorial day was spent in relaxing fashion eating food at David's house and playing a peculiar but thrilling game called Kubb.  I probably ate my body weight in watermelon. Thank you David and Megan.

Also, I went to the pond in the evening, and it was around negative 80 degrees, so I would recommend waiting a while longer before committing to the pond.

Birthday Parties:

This week my friend had a birthday, so some of our friends threw him surprise birthday party.  For those of you not familiar with this practice, this is where you plan an event for someone and don't tell them about it until it has already started.  We met him at Betos and then went swimming and ate ice cream cake. It was a wonderful evening and hopefully a nice way to start off another year of life. 


Thursday was busy enough to merit it's own section.  Mary had her farewell assembly to high school making, thus ending the Muhlestein's 20 plus year reign at Woods Cross High School.  I'm not sure I would call the divorce bitter sweet, but it is notable at any rate. After Mary's shindig I went on a date.  We went to a fun little bakery in salt lake and then walked around Memory Grove.  It was fun.  In the evening we went to the Roof restaurant as a family.  It was also really fun and once again I probably ate more than I should, but this time in creme brule. 


On Friday I played basketball with my friends and rediscovered how to dunk the basketball.  This is great!  Before this I hadn't dunked since February and I was starting to think that the shining spring of youth had passed on to the brown summer of middle adulthood.  I will try to attach the short video, technology willing.

Gender Reveal Parties/ Another Date:

Saturday we helped David move heavy things into the moving truck and then wen to the ward car show.  Following the car show we went to Kathryn's baby gender reveal party in Highland which was quite lovely.  The food was nice and I am happy to announce that Kathryn and Steve will be rearing a happy young boy!  Furthermore, they have full intentions of naming it Tanner (you need to verify this last fact with Kathryn and Steve).  After the party, I went on a date with a girl that Christina visit teaches in Provo.  We got some molcajete, which was quite lovely.  

Well, that about does it for the week. I hope that everyone has a fun week.  Pray for us as we drive to DC next week.


Basketball, and friends plus basketball. 

Sunday, May 28, 2017



This was quite the week.  I will run through each day as they are all somewhat memorable.  


Monday was somewhat frustrating as I was held in Limbo by the EFY hiring process, but eventually they came around and let me know that I was hired.  Upon learning of the hiring decision I then had to make plans to free up my calendar for job training.   I worked a bunch at my other job so I could get my other responsibilities done before job training for EFY. 


Tuesday was more work, but it was good and productive work so that is positive. I went to the Temple in the morning.  Interesting fact about the Bountiful Temple is that it currently doesn't have the Angel Moroni on top due to some construction work going on.  This make the temple look like a huge white box sitting on the hill.   In the evening my friends and I watched the Cleveland, Boston game and watched unsurprisingly as the Cavaliers won.  We played horse in my friends driveway which I won by some tricky reverse layups.


Wednesday was EFY training at BYU.  I rolled up to Provo in "Business Casual" and quickly found out that I was the only wearing a tie.  Luckily, Jordan saved my bacon and brought me some jeans and a pair of athletic shoes.  It was near catastrophe, but Jordan saved the day.  

EFY training consisted of new and some returning counselors going through a compressed version of real EFY.  It was fun and somewhat unique to be treated like I was 14 in some regards.  All in all it was a very positive experience and I am excited to work a few session this summer. On an interesting note, they make you do whole bunch line dances for EFY, which are somewhat interesting as they all seem to comprise of the same moves used in different orders.


More EFY training, but today we had guest speaker named Greg McKeown who wrote a book called "Essentialism".  Kathryn might like this book.  Thursday was also notable because I got a terrible sunburn as we played "get to know you games" outside on the lawn. We had a small dance and while dancing is fun, I'm not sure what they were expecting us to do Jordin Sparks "No air", the extended edition. Again, more line dances.


This was the last day of EFY training.  We had the very enjoyable music program followed by a testimony meeting.  Something cool that happened at the testimony meeting was that one of the counselors in my group worked with a less active youth on his mission who was also an EFY counselor.  That was very cool.  If anyone from my mission wanted to become EFY counselors I wouldn't even be mad.


Saturday I left EFY and then visited Christina in Provo.  While I was with Christina, Uncle Coley came over and gave us around 2 dozen doughnuts that he received from a Bakery that had extra pastries.  I ate two and they were lovely.  I drove home and spent the day with David's kids as David and Megan worked to prepare for their move in 8 days.  In the evening I went a huge group date to the Salt Lake Bee's Game.  The Bee's are a farm baseball team.  I don't particularly care for baseball, but there were fireworks afterward, so I was sold. After the game we went to a member of the groups house and watched an odd children's movie called "The book of life".  I'm not sure I would recommend it, but it did have some funny moments.  

And that about does it for my week. I hope that all of you have a great week.


PS: here is a picture of a cowboy hat that David gave me

Sunday, April 30, 2017

Moving Home

Dear Family,

Lots of change went down this week. I will run through some of the more major events and let the rest surprise you.  Also, I would like to apologize for not writing last week.  I will repent and do better.

Moving Home:

The move home went surprisingly well. Morgan and I got the car loaded and cleaned out our apartment and then moved home Monday evening.  It was probably the smoothest move that I have participated in thus far in college.  I have once again decided that I have to much stuff, so I will be cutting down.  But I suppose that is a personal issue.

The Hair:

I have let my hair grow out quite a bit as of late so I thought I would have some fun with it before I cut it off.  I decided that I would get it permed, which has proved to be quite the experience.  I will give you a break down of what it takes to get a perm.  First, you have to get your hair rolled up in these tiny rollers.  Second, they pour some crazy acid on your head and you leave it there for a couple minutes.  Then the wash your head with the curler's still in it, then they take the curlers out, pour some base on your head and wash you head again.  All in all, my hair got washed three times for approximately 20 minutes total.  I love getting my hair washed as much as the next person, but this was a little gratuitous.  The entire event took just under five hours.  I think it is fair to say that I have had my fun, but it is unlikely that I will get my hair permed again.   I will include pictures.

The Cave:

Cave might be a little strong for this one. I found online that there is an open cave in Farmington that you can hike to.  I thought this was intriguing so I did some research and then went there with Morgan.  The hike to the cave wasn't so bad, but we didn't know where the trail was so we took some deer path that was very steep.  The actual trail, which we found later, is fairly gradual and is comprable to any other trail in Davis county.  

The cave was really a mine made by some man named Patsy (surname) around the turn of the 19th century.  Patsy mined unitl he decided that he wans't finding enough and then up and left his mine.  The should be more aplty named cave because it is not particulary large.  It is one tunnel that goes back probalby 100 feet and ends.  The entire thing is flat and fairly well cleared.  It took Morgan and I 5 minutes to explore the entire cave.  It is a fun little hike that I think children would enjoy.  I enjoyed it as well.

That is about all the exciting things that happened this week.  I hope that everyone has a wonderful time and enjoys the last few weeks of school before summer really rolls around.

Beauty Hurts
I jokingly commented that I would be "forgoing my final three years of college in favor of entering the NFL Draft".  This proved to be a rash decision because I was not selected.  Better luck next time I suppose.

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Almost Done WIth Just The Hard Parts Left

Dear family,

The semester is zipping rigt along to a close. This is good because I am somewhat tired and a short resting period sounds really good.  This is not good because it means that must now square my shoulders and face the imminent foe, finals. With this dark cloud looming int he future, I will take step back and fill you in about my week.

The Sloan Showcase:

For my public speaking class I was required to go to a small speech showcase, named for Mr. Sloan.  Most of the speeches were pretty good, but some made me want to cut my fingernails with a pair of hedge clippers.  The participant from my class did a great job and we gave him a standing ovation.  THis was fun, but probably not advised, as no one else had stood up at any point during the presentation. Good times, good times.  I am also happy to report that I only slept through 20 minutes of the show.

Hawaiian Skating Night:

There was some event put on by the school that allowed you to go skating at the skating rink for a dollar.  It was Hawaiian themed, so I thought, why not?  This was the second time that I have been roller skating since coming home from the mission and I think that I have substantially improved since my first time.  I can now stop and turn, which is a lot better than just drifting and hoping not to fall.  The highlight of the evening was listening to rad 70's music and eating their complementary lemon cookies. 

The "Tall Wall":

In the basement of the Wilkinson Center they have  a little restaurant.  The restaurant, called "The Wall" has an eating challenge called the Tall Wall, which consists of eating a massive hamburger.  By massive I mean something like 6 patties, salami, turkey, avocado and assorted vegetables.  If you eat it all in 10 minutes, you forgo the 18 price tag that comes attached.  I tried it with my friend Ian, but both of us were unsuccessful. I ate it all in 12 minutes, but 10 was to fast.  The amount of food was large, but I think chewing was the limiting factor in my success. I will probably try again next time my pay check rolls in. 

Mission Reunion:

I went to my mission reunion this week which was fun.  I ran into some of my good friends and had some choice enchiladas to boot.  Following the reunion I watched the Jazz barely pull out the game against the clippers. It was  fun night, made more enjoyable by the victory.  This week also marked my last week working in the Provo City Center Temple, so if you missed me, I mgiht work in the Temple again next school year. 

I hope that everyone has a lovely week.


Sunday, April 9, 2017

A Busy Week

Dear Family,

This was a busy week.  To put it into perspective how busy I was, I probably slept less this week than I did last week.  Sleep is a valuable commodity in my life.  Oh, today is also palm Sunday, so that is cool!  I am really pumped for Easter next week!

The Startup:

My sister Christina stared working at a software startup in Salt Lake.  They brought me on as a temp so I could help them cold call for appointments before a big conference next week in Scottsdale.  It was fun!  I haven't cold called since the mission, so it was fun to get out there and feel uncomfortable again.  Christina will attest that I got significantly better as the day went on.  Hopefully I was able to help out.  If nothing else, I had a really fun time getting to know the cool guys that run the start up down town.


Megan and her kids had spring break this week, so they came up and went lunch with us. We went to Rancherito's which is like Beto's but with a different name. It was really fun and Calvin only tried to run away once.  I ate a whole bunch of french fries and then tried to write an English paper.  I was about two minutes from falling asleep, but by a stroke of luck, I got an email and was able to stave off the furious onslaught of slumber. 

The rest of the week was really fun as well. I went up to bountiful late Friday night and spent Saturday morning talking to David about business ideas.   Sunday was the big day however as we got to bless Christine and Naomi in church.  Following to very well done sacrament meetings we gathered at Josephs house and ate good food with better company.

I hope that everyone has a lovely week.  I also hope that it doesn't snow anymore in April.


PS: This is a photograph of my Siblings being funny.

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Festival of Color

Dear Family,

Spring is in the air!  This has easily been one of the most color weeks of my life.  You will see why as you continue through.

The Variety Show:

My friend's ward put on a variety show this week, so we decided to make an appearance.  My friend Ian and I formed a music group in high school that we dubbed "Power Struggle".  This was Power Struggle's first performance so we wanted to make an impact.  With the help the of Ian's roommate John we prepared a stirring rendition of "Old Man River" from the acclaimed musical 'Showboat'.   This was done at my request.  I am thankful for nice friends that will sing old songs with me for variety shows. 

Christina and Morgan came.  Christina filmed the production, so if I can I will find a way to make it available to everyone.  I think that you will find it humorous. 

Ghetto Friday:

On Friday Ian and I decided to dress up in our most outrageous fashion.  We did this by wearing T shirts from various musical groups (Taylor Swift and Rihanna) and wearing high top shoes with snap backs.  To make ghetto Friday more ghetto I woke up late and had to forgo a shower, thus making me unbathed and ghetto.  

All things considered, it was a fun experience.  I have been contemplating dressing up on Fridays, and perhaps I will make it a habit if it still fun in the future. 

To conclude ghetto friday we went to Jordan's house and did not ghetto things. We had wonder waffles that were walloped with whipped cream and syrup.  The caramel syrup was my favorite.  We watched the 7 Star Wars movie and I had fun being with family. 

Festival of Colors:

To start off, I want it to be made perfectly clear that I had a Festival of Color experience that was different from any other.  I will defend my statement with three points.  1) I accidentally parked half a mile from the event, which made the getting too and from more difficult.  2) They decided to have an odd mix of Indian dub-step music play for the entire festival.  3) It was raining cats and dogs and I about froze to death.

The rain made for an interesting experience for several reasons. First off, chalk and rain only sort of mix together.  The rain made the chalk lump up and run down your body.  This resulted in many of the more plastered people looking like zombies.  The downside of going to a chalk festival in the rain is that it stains your skin and hair.  My scalp (after four washings)  still has pink and blue stains on it.  My friends that went with blonde hair left now have cotton candy color hair, made in no particular order.  

All things considered, it was still one of the most fun things that i have done in the 2017 calendar year. 

Well, that about does it for me.  I hope that you all have a lovely week and stay warm.


Me enjoying springtime on Campus
The Mullet looks more Mullet when I wear hats.
This is my friends and I at the color festival.  Yes I was the tallest by 5 inches and no, I did not get the worst of the chalk after affects.